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I messed up

This is a picture of my Rondeletia bonsai bloom. I made a mistake which I hope doesn’t cost me heavily. I had put in a a couple of years  worth of work in training into this bonsai. I would normally never re-pot any plant in the heat of summer, but this time as the bonsai pot got cracked due to the widening roots I had to re pot this one. The summer heat and the inability to hold water due to the crack could have killed the plant, so I had no other choice but to replant it immediately.

Rondeletia ordorata is a four petal (sometimes species have five) woody stemmed, decorative plant. I had found this at a sale, it was almost dead then. I brought it home and nurtured it until it became a healthy bonsai bearing endless bunches of flowers.

After a couple of days into re potting the plant is loosing all its leaves and drooping. To save the plant I quickly trimmed away all the branches loaded with buds and trying to keep it moist continually. I hope it will survive and tell its story.

Rondeletia stands for ‘endurance’ and I hope it will endure this struggle too. There are about 150 species of rondeletia. The one I have is a beautiful pink. I hope to find the red with yellow centers too.

This plant requires a moist , rich, acidic soil and thrives in the subtropical climate. It is often mistaken for pentas, ixora and lantana.

I am keeping my fingers crossed and hope to see it healthy and blooming once again.

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    • Thank you Vidocka, the plant is doing much better today, the remaining leaves are finally perking up, it is time to move it to a slightly warmer place where there is a tiny bit of morning sun.

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