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I forget dreams

We all dream while we sleep, but we rarely remember the dreams the next day. Scientists are exploring why this is so …The resistance of the psyche, as the most common reason for forgetting dreams, is due to the unwillingness of the dreamer to get to know and accept the contents and messages sent by unconscious psyches through his dreams. As well as at that moment engaging in solving the existing conflicts and problems.

The current unwillingness of his psyche to work on its own individualization hinders the possibility that the dreams are remembered. In that period, forgetfulness of dreams is very useful because in some way it keeps the psyche from the earthquake that it could experience by unconscious content.

For similar reasons, once forgetfulness of dreams is some kind of preparation for the emergence of a dream with a very strong message that will soon be announced. This means that the current psyche mobilizes all existing forces to “creating a dream scenario” and the psychological preparation of a dreamer to accept content.

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  1. More often than not I remember my dreams. But sometimes when I wake up after a dream I think to myself, ooo that was interesting. Then I go back to sleep. And when I wake up in the morning, I’ve forgotten it, which I find annoying lol.

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