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I am thankful for having good neighbors

One of my neighbor was having a party for Mid-Autumn Festival celebration which will be next day. They invited us to join them. The kids were having fun eating and playing with the candles and lanterns too.

I am really thankful for having good neighbors. As we stay near to each other and might meet each other every day, it’s better to have good and friendly neighbors. We might get help from neighbors more easily than from the family or friends who stay further. There’s a Chinese saying, “a distant relative is not as good as a near neighbor.” Now that I have good neighbors, I really feel this.


Picture credit: @kaka135 (These are some homemade herbal drinks given by my neighbor. How caring they are!)


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Written by kaka135


    • Yes, I agree with you. Moreover, I think I get to know more neighbors after I became a stay-at-home mom. When I was still working, I was away from my home most of the time in the day, hence the neighbors didn’t get to see me much.

    • We never had party at home as well. 😛
      It’s actually always my neighbor who invited us as well, and they always give us food. When we go back to hometown, we usually buy some local food for them, but they always told us to save money and not to buy them any. I have other neighbors where sometimes we make some homemade food, and we share them with each other. I really like this kind of neighborhood. Besides sharing food, we always talk about parenting, learning and life as well. I am really blessed to stay in this neighborhood. 🙂

    • Yes, I guess we will always try to be friendly, but if we really meet some “difficult” neighbors, it may not be easy to solve the relationship by just being friendly. I haven’t learn how to do so, but I am glad I have good neighbors so far. It’s just that sometimes I heard some stories about “not so good” neighbors from my friends, I really don’t know how to handle.

    • Yes, if possible, it’s good to change the situation if the current relationship with the neighbors are not so good. When I was young, my neighbor was quite closed to us. But they suddenly became rich and changed their attitude, and they didn’t watch their dog but allowed the dog to scare or even bite others in the neighborhood, and they ignored the dog’s poop on the street as well. Since then, she had not so good relationship with everyone else in the neighborhood, including us. I talked to the lady regarding the dog’s poop in front of my house, but she kinda scolded me. It wasn’t a nice feeling staying there during the few years whenever I wanted to go out to the yard as the dog was there scaring us and the dog’s poop as well. Luckily, they moved out after a few years.