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How and Later

In the Indonesian language (and culture), there are two words that when the combination is exchanged, the meaning will be different; those two words are how and later.

The first combination of the two words is “how later (!)” -The word “how” there, is not purely as question word but rather as an adverb – which generally connotes a short-term orientation in thought; just do it first (at will, as if there is no other choice, be stupid, do not care, etc.) we will think later whatever the risks and consequences.

The second combination of the two words that read “later how (?)” – the word “how” there, is pure as question word that questions or considers the risks and consequences of the actions to be taken and this is more connotation in the orientation of long-term thinking.

In reality, both of the word merging characters manifest in people’s attitudes and behavior; as part of cultural actors or as a mindset or a combination of both. Although here I am talking about attitude as part of the culture it is undeniable that the dominance of one of these characters in a person’s attitude can be influenced by psychological factors such as self-confidence, courage, and emotional intelligence, maturity, or wisdom.

On the one hand, long-term thinking in this context has certain advantages because it means we must consider the decisions to be made and actions to be carried out but on the other hand, such short-term thinking in certain situations also has advantages because when an action must be done immediately, too much thinking will hinder or even prevent or stop an action that needs to be done.

People with strong characters, those who have good self-control, or who have a broad perspective accompanied by a higher awareness will treat both types as tools of life to be used according to the needs of the situation. Why am I talking about this? Because I saw these two behaviors from people since the pandemic began to this day with all the consequences, both from the authorities and the common people.

Illustration by Albert Herdie  – Digital painting from part of Life of the Cosmos series – Impacts.

  • Question of

    Do you see both behaviors in the community in the face of a pandemic from the beginning to the present with all of the impacts?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Question of

    Are you dominated by one of these types?

    • Yes
    • No


What do you think?


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  1. Geminis from what I heard are people who can think on their feet. At this time, I think that is what we need. Que sera, sera. Long-term thinking sometimes does not guarantee any security. I invested in something for long-term purpose. When the time is ripe for harvest, the company simply told me “Oh but we invoke the Force Majeure clause due to covid.” 😂😜

  2. when we burst into the world we are alive with potential. As we age, as we flow through the streams and rivers of life, that potential changes.

    if we then stay centered and maintain who we are through ally he changes, the easy question is Later How. The easy statement then is Later how. For when we know our path, later how becomes let me explain.

  3. Very interesting observations! I believe there’s a bit of both types of attitude in everyone depending on the situation too. Unfortunately, in the context of the pandemic, people don’t take the possible impact of their actions on others who might be more vulnerable.

  4. It is very bad when you choose one. In general, I love the golden mean. There is the balance of everything. As always, your experience as an excellent psychologist and teacher is evident here.

  5. I have also seen this behavior as well all around in the world Albert. Such unsettling times and many are panicking, while others are going along as if nothing is happening. It is so important to find a happy medium in all situations I believe.

    Love the artwork. I got lost for a few minutes looking at it.

    • I know you are a good observer, Carol.

      Well, I really feel curious about what other people think with all the tendencies in this situation.

      Thanks a lot for the appreciation. What do you mean by lost for a few minutes? Is there any technical problem?.

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