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Hoopoe Facts

The hoopoe was a common bird that I used to see growing up. The incessant knock knocks on the tree would mean that a female hoopoe was there trying to make a nest in the tree.  However, over the last three decades I haven’t spotted a hoopoe .

Hoopoe facts

Hooppes are common  in Africa, Asia and Europe.

They are medium sized birds ranging between 10-13 inches across.

They have a beautiful crest on their head which stands out like a crown but most often appears like a sharp quill . The chestnut brown body with white and black stripes makes the bird look stunning.

They get their name hoopoe from the oop, oop sounds they make.

They live up to ten years in the wild.

These birds mate for life.

Hoopoes feed on insects , small animals fruits and berries.

Climate change and the shrinking of wooded lands has resulted in these birds reducing in numbers.

However, the hoopoes are not in the list of endangered birds.

Hoopoe is the national bird of Israel and is considered very scared by the Egyptians.

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  1. Very awesome looking hoopoe! Just an hour ago, I witnessed and large flock of sparrows (maybe warblers or pardalotes) in my garden. Birds that our collie played with chased around. We have several trees around to invite birds. They love it. We do, too.

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