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Hitting snooze button hurts our sleep?

I just read a blog post about the myth that hitting the snooze button allows us to have extra sleep and makes us feel more rested. I read that this is not true, and it’s actually hurting our sleep. The blogger suggested that we should actually set the alarm at the time we really want to get up.

I always feel good to just sleep for a short while after the alarm wakes me up. I feel it’s so comfortable to lay on the bed for some time, though I might not fall asleep again. I also read from somewhere else that it’s good to just lay on the bed for just a few minutes to think about the intention of the day or make some plans of the day.

Here‘s the blog post if you are interested to read more about the snooze button myth.

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    • That’s very good. I have been “trained” to use the alarm clock since I was young, until recently I read an article about sleeping, only I realize we can actually wake up at the same day every day if we want to. I am learning to do so. It’s so nice to see so many people in Virily are already doing that.

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