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Have You Tried Pork Adobo

In my previous post ‘Filipino Dish: Kinilaw‘, I shared with you a delicious (but exotic) Filipino dish called Kinilaw. In a conversation with DocAnderson in the comment section in that post, I mentioned another Filipino dish loved by many. Namely, Pork Adobo.

Pork adobo is made of Pork meat with the Fat and skin, cooked with vinegar and soy sauce and some spices. Some variations would include a small amount of sugar. This is one of the most popular Filipino dishes, that even WWE superstar and actor, Dave Bautista (a.k.a Batista / Drax) love to eat.

It may look unhealthy because of all the pork fat and oily sauce… but this dish is surely mouth-watering…

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  1. I’ve never heard of this dish. It looks delicious. Because of stomach problems, I have to be very careful about food. I especially need to avoid fat.