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Have you face this bug when creating quiz?

Whenever you generate a result, the last row (81-100%) would either be missing after you published or save draft or it would not display the wrong percentage… Adding/editing it in would result in it showing as “0-100%” (see picture above) and I’ve to keep editing (or deleting it to create a new one) for many many times before I could get it to register as “81-100%”!!

I’ve noticed this bug for a looooooooong time… have you guys face this problem too?

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  • Do you think it should be fixed?

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    • I guess not everyone preview/save before publishing…
      I also discovered it when I previewed my quiz and realised that I got nothing when I have perfect score… went back and saw the 81-100% missing

    • Hmm… I know what you mean, I’ve faced it before. There is a problem with the quiz system … it usually takes a few save/edits to get questions to show correctly …

      but for the results… it takes way too many saves (like at least 8 times) and its irritating!!

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