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Have you decided how to spend Christmas?

Today started preparing a list of dishes I will put on my Christmas dinner table. There will be many guests – two families of my sisters and my mum. But not the food is most important. Our doors will be open to all who want to enter. I will prepare some food for two lonely old neighbors (of course, with some gifts, mostly eatable).

Christmas will be the evening when strangers will become our close ones and lonely will try on family life. Miracles are happening at the big table. 

It becomes cozy at heart just like at home.

For me, Christmas is about communicating. Calls, kisses, hugs, emails, fireworks of thoughts.

I no longer count the dishes I put on the table. I do not count guests. Some will come, others will fly, thirds will explode my heart by their absence. But coffee will be enough for everyone.

Let the noise of dear people never stop, even in silence.

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  1. It will be just me. To make myself happy on Christmas Eve I will boil some lobster tails and watch Christmas movies. Then on Christmas Day I will wait until the very late afternoon and pour myself some wine and finally start watching my home movies. Since my soul mate passed on I have not been able to watch them and so I will invite him into my home and hear his voice again and it seems just right to do that right on Christmas

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