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Handkerchiefs played a pretty big role in the good old days, in that we never left the house without one.Then there was the craze to go for matching handkerkchiefs and we took care to see that they were seen by others. 

There were those that were kept for special occasions.  A bit of perfume would be sprayed on them and we would fan ourselves with it even though there was no no need for that  just so that others got the whiff of that perfume. 

I have no handkerchiefs with me now.  I use tissues. What was once an important part of one’s attire if I might call it that, it is nowhere to be seen.  Atleast mycupboard has none. 

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Written by grace


      • No I would not blow my nose on that type of handkerchief, we have mens large handkerchiefs which aren’t flash but fit for purpose.
        On that note my sister told me there was a man who went with them to a chinese restaurant and he blew his nose on the fine white beautiful napkin and didn’t think anything about it.

  1. Tissues are more hygienic apart from the fact they can disintegrate after a few wipes when one has a cold but at least they can be disposed of. I see some old people using handkerchiefs but they can look rather disgusting.

    I remember my mum saying “Have you got a clean hanky?” before I left for school in the mornings!

  2. When I started school in the 1960s parents were required to send us to kindergarten with a handkerchief pinned to our clothing or for boys to have one in their pockets. I still use handkerchiefs and enjoy them for a dripping nose more than Kleenex