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Grooming the Dude

Time to brush the Dude. He has a heavier coat than Brendel and it needs brushing more often. And he loves it. Brendel, not so much. Today has brought much sunshine making it the perfect day to get the Dude in the screen room for a brush. He loves it. He will roll around on his back and stretch. You can tell it is relaxing for him. And it is amazing how thick his coat is for a cat. 

Can you tell how shiny his coat is now? He is ready for another 3-4 hour nap now. The life of a cat is tough, ha!

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Written by Carol DM


  1. I had a Songshi Quan (better known as the chow chow out here) and in the summer I had to brush her every other day with a wool carder or she would get dreds. I swear we could’ve made sweaters from that dog, it was pretty much angora