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Glyphosate and water do not mix

In the United Kingdom, RoundUp weed killer is sold in concentrate form.  You can see the video at this link –  

The water and the RoundUp concentrate can then be used to kill weeds in your garden.  However, you may not want to spray this concentrated mix on your lawn.  Glyphosate, the active ingredient in RoundUp, and water do not mix.  Glyphosate is a known contaminant of water.

The side effects of glyphosate mixed with water are damage to your stomach and damage to your salivary glands.  The worst side effect would be if you have an infant child and you spray RoundUp on your lawn.  The glyphosate in RoundUp could cause defects in bone structure and reduced body weight in infants.  Glyphosate is so strong that it can turn a healthy baby into a baby that has the same problems as a premature baby.  Also, over 40,000 lawsuits prove that glyphosate also causes cancer.  If you want to hurt your children, then use RoundUp.

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