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What in the world are pesticides?  Pesticides are chemicals that are used to either kill pests that eat crops, destroy weeds that strangle the growth of crops, or kill fungus that could cause crops to wither.  However, the toxicity of pesticides could harm humans by causing cancer, nerve damage, blindness, and birth defects.

The video explains that pesticides mixed in a viscous system of 95% water will protect humans from being damaged by the toxicity.  Now, take a look at a label of the herbicide RoundUp that is manufactured by Monsanto.  The label shows that the active pesticide of glyphosate is 41% of the solution.  Using RoundUp would mean that you are eight times more likely to contract cancer than using any other pesticide.

Check out the irony of this video.  Monsanto created the above video knowing that only 5% of the solution must be a pesticide, but they make a product that they sell to farmers and to gardeners that is guaranteed to be toxic for the users.  That explains why there are over 50,000 lawsuits currently filed against Monsanto from around the world.


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  1. I was told to use round up for getting rid of my weeds and so pleased I haven’t done it. I dislike the use of chemicals.
    I think the getting rid of weeds should be done by the old fashioned way.

    To get rid of pests, encourage birds to your garden and it helps to do companion planting …I don’t know a lot about companion planting but cant hurt.


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