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G for Grace – my name

This post is for Alibb’s alphabet crazy challenge.  G for Grace.

Grace is my name but this word is packed with all gentle synonyms and what you see in the image is the grace with which that dancer performs the ballet.

My father gave me this name which was his mother’s name.  This is what he told me when I returned from my first day at school asking him to change my name.  I said there were so many nicer names that I heard there.  That is when my father explained to me why I was named thus.

However I do not like when a ‘y’ is added at the end by some  when that beautiful name is totaly distorted.

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  1. Grace’s name is very nice to me, dear friend … my name is Lado … otherwise I don’t know what it means … I got my name after my father who is the same Lado … it used to be a tradition for us to be named after a girl’s father but after mom … that tradition no longer applies