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Friendly Flamingos

I visited a nature park in Nassau Bahamas where I got to meet these beautiful and friendly flamingos. I have always loved flamingos and used to visit them often at our  local zoo. However, they seem to have disappeared from the zoo in recent times so it was a delight to see and walk among these flamingos.

At this nature park, the flamingos roam  freely and even participate  in a show for visitors. Who knew that flamingos can be trained to perform? These flamingos were friendly and walked around the park mingling with visitors. It was a beautiful experience.

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    Do you know that Flamingos get their color from the foods they eat?

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    Flamingos can fly hundreds of miles a day

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Written by Gloridaze


  1. I love flamingos. These are so bright! We used to have them in the lagoon near us. The shrimp got depleted and they left. I missed this one, and just got a chance to see it, thanks to Ellie’s birds of Virily post.

  2. The only time I saw flamingos was in a zoo in another city. I haven’t seen them after that. It must have been a wonderful experience.