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Freerice: Click to donate free rice

One of my friends introduced this site to me, as he told me I can learn some English vocabularies and donate free rice to the needs at the same time. (At that time, there was only English vocabulary category on Free Rice site, now they have added more categories.)

This website is owned by The World Food Programme, the food assistance branch of the United Nations. It was initially created by a computer programmer to help his son to study for his exam, and later he donated this website to The World Food Programme.

There are different categories, such as English vocabularies, English grammar, geography, Math, Science and language learning. We pick a category, then a question will be shown. For every answer we got it right, the World Food Programme will donate 10 grains of rice to help reach Zero Hunger.

They are launching their new version of website in July 2019. We can access the new version via their beta website, though we can also work on the current version at the moment. We can choose to register an account on the website, so it will track how many grains we have donated. We can just simply click and answer the questions without signing up. If I am not mistaken, rice will still be donated even if we don’t register.

Do you know any other similar sites? 

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