Before You Give Up; Read This JuNoWriMo Day Six

A much wiser soul than I once taught me that everyone you will ever meet is fighting some kind of war. It could be divorce, a dying loved one, a lost child, unemployment or the fear thereof, homelessness, drug addiction, loneliness, depression, fibromyalgia or even all of the above.

Everyone you meet is fighting some kind of war. And that is why it is important to be nice.

Meeting the people I have in life, I have been very inclined to say what I am about to. And, I want…no…I NEED you to remember this, because I may someday need you to remind me again:

Before you allow anyone to ever convince you that you are worthless or a failure or no good, consider that you might just be surrounded by a$$holes.

Get away from them.

I don’t care if they’re claiming to speak on behalf of God Himself, the Devil, “what’s best for you” or your long-dead Auntie Gloria. Get way from them.

Far too often, the truly bright, beautiful, incredible and amazing of Humanity are latched onto by others who, for whatever reason, try to drag them down and keep them down, like a petulant 2-year-old who doesn’t want to lose his balloon.

I have even met this amazingly-beautiful, talented, sweet artist who subjects herself to an abusive, drug-fueled jerk, just because she felt she couldn’t do better.

He had her convinced she couldn’t do better and she could’ve swapped him out like a pair of socks.

If you find yourself unable to make any progress in whatever you are doing because others seem to think they’re funny, or something, lose them and let them wonder.

If you are being treated like a joke, leave them like it’s funny.

Never let anyone grow comfortable in disrespecting you. Call them on it, every time. Either they will stop or they will at least explain why they are doing it. Perhaps it’s something of which you aren’t aware.

But, ALWAYS call them out over disrespect.

Do not lose hope. You can do this.


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  1. Good advice. Everyone has a private agenda, but someone recently told me that the people who get on our nerves the most are among our greatest teachers. I like Wayne Dyer’s take on it better. He suggested identifying people who are of no use to us and practicing on them. I think an example was a rude checker at the grocery store. Instead of feeling bad and embarrassed if someone disrespects us, we can say, “Oh, goody, I now have a guilt-free opportunity to practice being vicious.” It is also a positive way to entertain the other people waiting in line.

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