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Foreign ~ Nature Tuesday

I was so curious, I really wanted to experience enlightenment, but could such a thing happen to me?

I don’t know if something like that can happen to someone or a certain person or not, but we won’t know if we will arrive somewhere if we don’t start walking, right?

But I am afraid that I cannot live as I want, or I have to live a simple or difficult life if I learn such spirituality or mystic.

Nobody forbids you to live in luxury, but maybe, in the end, there will come an awareness that you may not need all that luxury.

Yeah, that’s what I don’t want. It feels so foreign or strange to me…

It is one of the conversations of many similar conversations about the desire of someone to reap the beauty and the highest meaning of life without being willing to leave the comfort that is used to him. It is a form of fear of a different reality or awareness that they do not know. That’s just natural consider that our minds are already patterned in such a way that we only want what we already know, even though it is not necessarily familiar. Those who crave wealth – those who are not familiar yet with wealth, or who already have wealth but still want more, both have the same mindset about the ideal happiness they know and will experience difficulties when they also want perfect happiness.

The Golden yellow African tulip tree turns out to flourish and is healthy outside its natural habitat. Natural life that is not (too) colored by desires and fears is usually more adaptable in foreign or different realms.

  • Have you ever had the desire to live in a (totally) different way?

    • Yes
    • No


What do you think?

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  1. The only reason I might ever want to aim for luxury is the desire of being acclaimed and appreciated. Most people have such need, but spending a whole life in greed and miserliness isn’t really worth the effort, when there are alternative ways to reach about the same result. However, getting rich will always be the popular goal in a world where capitalism and consumerism triumph.

    Recently, I had a pair of dreams can be somehow related to this.
    One was of a wolf that hid in the building where I was, and said he didn’t want to get back to the pack because they wanted him to wear red shorts. Okay, this might have sounded funny.
    The second one starred a white Persian cat sitting on a big white table. The voice-over said the cat would have had lots of luxury items if he had been ‘lucky’, but ‘unfortunately’ it wasn’t the case.
    The cat, in both situations, was lying down and couldn’t care less about the items around him.

    • I honestly don’t have a problem with the choices and ways each person enjoys the pleasure of happiness according to their expectations. Unfortunately, like that Persian cat, true happiness cannot be felt by pursuing or surrounded by luxury, which in the end will only become red pants like the wolf does not want. That is why I am happy to remind that happiness is the way and not the goal, as is the paradigm that underlies the popular goals of most people in the world. I really understand that living in a physical world that is based on the five senses and duality, the sheen of the world always attracts attention, after all, there are always consequences, risks, and lessons from each choice, right?

      I deeply acknowledge and really appreciate your existence, Sabrina, with or without luxury. Once again, I see Divine talents within you, O ‘Sabrina The Old Soul.

  2. I answered yes but I need to consider a lot of things before making a decision. It is not me alone but my whole family. Oftentimes, I want to leave everything that I have now in order to do what I want. But I’m afraid that I might make the wrong move. So I am trying to do the things I want while doing what others are expecting from me. If doing what I want will bring me a fortune, then, then would be the time that I can give up the things that I currently have.

  3. I have never lived in luxury … I am not a millionaire but I have enough to live well and I am satisfied with this … I am healthy and this is my greatest asset … I have never had any illusions about what it would be if I were a millionaire because I did not have that, not the terms, but luckily, I do not rely on it

  4. I often wonder about the concept of aspiring for a different life. There is a path that we choose, finding our happiness on our path is important.

    But there is truth to the reality of an aesthetic that focuses on wants instead of needs.

    • Talking about ideals, because this world wrapped in duality has many forms of success, then there must be so many aspiring concepts that basically expect happiness. And that’s where the paradox again arises between the general knowledge that happiness is a mental/spiritual condition and not a material success with continued pursuit of material satisfaction. For me, happiness is the way and not the goal.

      On the other hand, in the same world, there is always the truth in all paths and realities by considering that all of them provide their own learning, struggle, and wisdom.

  5. Yes, there is truth in what you say. I have not had the luxury of many, and yet that is not my deepest desire. Its nice if you have wealth but not all
    Wealth, well it is just power to buy things…that is about all.
    There is definitely a higher power than just that.

    • I fully agree with you, Pamela. And you might be part of a small group of people who think like that.
      Funny thing is, such questions are often conveyed to me on various occasions. In my opinion, they desire to experience essential happiness on the one hand while on the other hand they think, behave and act differently in different directions.

  6. I find myself similar to our friend HistoryGal. I prefer no people to people. I am not saying I isolate myself. I enjoy being around others, socializing, to an extent. And it depends on the situation and the people. But I believe I could be happy on an island with all the necessary things needed to live. Maybe bring someone along, maybe not. But animals would be welcome for sure.

  7. Yes I have often aspired to live a different life, one where there is, how can I say this without offending anybody, anyway one where there is less people around me. I would simply love to live in the countryside all alone. But since I am not used to gardening what would I eat etc. Also there is the simple fact that I do not know how to drive. But one thing I am absolutely sure of is that I would be surrounded by dogs, cats, maybe horses and the great wild outdoors. And I would have all the freedom that I want and need to do whatever I want, whenever I want at all times of the day and night without disturbing anybody. I know it sounds very selfish, but that is my aspiration even at my age…

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