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For goodness sake have a cup of ginseng tea!

Ginseng has been in use for hundreds of years, the ginseng herb was once recommended by a Chinese emperor as a means of enhancing wisdom. Throughout the years, it has been associated with numerous cures. In modern times, with the backing of scientific data, it is said to contain Adaptogens which are known to have an overall restorative effect on the human body and it causes the body to be more resistant to stress. In so doing, it makes one healthier and a lot more energetic. Those of us with hectic lifestyles can sure benefit from some increased energy.

Benefits of ginseng

Most of us have probably heard tales about the positive effects of ginseng on sexual performance. The ginseng rhizome when taken orally, is believed to act as an aphrodisiac and as such increases sexual abilities and desirability. Other uses for the ginseng herb are; treating type 2 Diabetes, lowering high cholesterol, anti-aging, endurance and the prevention of infections. This is by no means an exhaustive list as there are many other ailments it is reported to cure.

A word of caution

The safety and effectiveness of ginseng has not yet been determined by the FDA(US) or Health Canada, If you are using ginseng, or intend to use it, please be aware of the possible side effects and interactions with other drugs you may be taking. Ensure that you advise your doctor of your intention prior to using ginseng for treatment of any illness or as a stimulant. Some of the side effects noted are: headaches, nausea and high or low blood pressure. If you take aspirin, heart or high blood pressure medications and several other drugs, it is advised that you seek qualified medical advise prior to usage.

While ginseng tea might be diluted to the point where it offers very few health benefits I still enjoy the occasional cup of ginseng tea. I love the taste and find it refreshing and any health benefits it may have is a welcome bonus.

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  1. I know people always tout the wonders of ginseng. But I would never buy it. Love my coffee too much. However, now I have no excuse to not drink it because my kids bought some. So! Every once in a while I brew a cup. LOL.

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