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First case of Corona virus transmitted from a corpse to a living person

Scientists of Thailand and China have claimed to have discovered the case of human coronavirus, transmitted from a corpse to a living person.

Scientists say this is the first case of the new corona virus disease, COVID-19, that emerged in a person involved with a forensic Medicine unit’s staff, who died as a result. In a letter written by experts from Bangkok’s RVT Medical Center and the  Hainan Medical University in China, the identity of the victim in this case was not disclosed, it is stated that he was a forensic practitioner in Bangkok. 

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  1. It is still increasing in the Philippines, nut not that high as other countries. I think the corpse is still a carries of the COVID-19. If the coffin is not properly sealed. It is possible to contaminate things or affect others.

  2. The corpse might have been ‘fresh’ and though the host is dead, the virus could have still been alive. Maybe that person handled that corpse as if it was an ordinary one

    In the Philippines, It continues to increase at the moment, but the rate of increase started to slow down a few days ago.


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