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Family photos hung on walls

That is how it used to be at my parents’ home.  With a brood of 9 little surprise that there would be countless photos – babies, school, marriage, funerals and grand babies photos.

The walls got cluttered with these photos and every neighbour had them too. Any guest that visited us would first go round looking at photos asking countless questions even shedding a tear or two looking at funeral photos.

That is history now.  I do not have them on my walls but have a big fat digital folder and a few albums in the cupboard.  When guests arrive I hand over those albums from the cupboard while I am busy in the kitchen getting food ready.

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    What do you think? Is it a good idea to have photos hung on walls?

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Written by grace


  1. There certainly are a lot of photos on the walls. I have my photos either in my PC or in photo albums. Being alone I would not want to have to look at the photos all the time but I do have some of my parents in frames on shelves