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Extreme summer heat

We are beset by continual rains for a week but we are thankful for the free water from the heavens. The recent summer was cruel that we couldn’t last the day without any air conditioning. Bless the poor who do not have even an electric fan to fight the hear. Babies were being bathed every once in a while to prevent the onset of prickly heat on their skin.

  • Do you struggle with the summer heat?

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    • No
    • It is too much in the daytime

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Written by Alex Socorro

I have been with IT for a long time but now I am just working as a consultant.

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  1. Yes I struggled with the heat even though I reside in Canada. I have never really liked summer because of the blazing sun and the high humidity here in the Outaouais valley. I would rather have winter every day of the year but I know it is impossible to have this all over the planet… I pity the people who reside in a hot and humid area 365 days of the year even though they have a rainy season…

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