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For me, the word “inspiration” lost its original meaning. Everywhere you look, everything around inspires everyone. Any human blog, any bright photo, any simple idea, bunches of repeated quotes everywhere – now are sources of inspiration everywhere, not to mention art, books, music, films.

We can say that inspection has become just a type of content that lives by its own specific laws. It’s clear in advance what will be called inspiring and what will not. But what is this inspiration?

Got inspired and went to look for another dose? What part of the inspirational materials that you meet in the vast expanses really INSPIRES you to turn off the computer and go do something?

It inspires me to may about 1%. Of course, it seems and is not necessary, having received a dose of inspiration, to run to create, to create new and beautiful. Maybe you can boast that when you are inspired, you go with a smile, filled with love for all living things and light the light in the hearts of other people?

Observing myself for a long time, I can say that in the long run, this constantly high level of inspiration in the blood and in the brain is more likely to lead to constant dissatisfaction with reality, my environment, and ultimately with myself.

After all, what kind of person am I? Here, at every step, inspiration is conveyed to me in its pure form, but I put it off, I do not do what I was given it to – my inspired happy life, changing the world for the better.

And then the question is: was the inspiration put in my mouth that I would be happy and creative? Or that I would get instant pleasure, calm down a bit and start frantically searching for more and more? Or that I add to the wishlist/buy/repost/subscribe? Or is it just a new standard for presenting any information in an unnaturally inspiring manner, because no one will look at anything else?

In the end, for all this inspiration, I developed strong immunity. No surfing, no interest, no perfect Instagrams, no social media feeds, a minimum of subscriptions…

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