Drink Youself Happy

Fruit smoothies are a quick, easy, healthy way to help your body relax, refresh, and release toxins.

Here is the base ingredients 

*fruit, peeled and chopped

* 2 cups water

* agave nectar 

* 2 TBS lime juice

 I use Nutribullet to make the drink. It’s quick, easy and delicious. The combinations are limited only by your imagination.

You can replace the water with a tea option.The are many healing herbal teas and those make a great replacement for plain water. 

Choose different fruits for specific benefits. For example, one cup of cantaloupe on a daily basis can do some amazing things for your body. 

*copper, vitamin and lutein speeds your skin cell turnover and gives you a great complexion

*carotenoids will provide protection against age related macular degeneration

*potassium has properties that fight high blood pressure

If you like to know about other specific smoothies and their benefits, just  let me know. Life is better when you drink yourself healthy and happy.

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