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Do You Think that 'Free' is the Same Thing as 'Worthless'?

This isn’t a frivolous question. Do you think that ‘free’ and ‘worthless’ are the same thing? It appears that many people do.

This is something I noticed many years ago. We had a dog that had a litter of puppies. They were mixed-breed pups, but they were adorable. When they were weaned, we advertised free puppies to give away. For over a week, we didn’t have a single call and nobody stopped by to see the puppies.

Since the advertising didn’t cost anything, I changed the ad and advertised “puppies for sale, $50”. Within 2 days, all of the puppies had new homes. Since I wasn’t looking to make money off of the whole deal, I merely included $50 worth of food, treats, and puppy toys with each puppy that was purchased.

What brings this up is the fact that three years ago when I last separated the irises and daylilies at the church, I tried to give away the excess. I wasn’t able to. Nobody was interested. I’m planning on again separating the irises, but this time, I’m going to bag up the excess and put up a sign that reads “Iris tubers, 15-bag. Suggested church donation, $1.” The proceeds will be used to help offset the cost of maintaining the flower beds.

I suspect that I’ll have a less difficult time of giving away the excess without throwing as many away. What do you think?

  • When you see that something is offered for free, do you automatically think that it must be worthless?

    • Yes
    • No
    • I’m usually suspicious of a free deal
    • sometimes is see ‘free’ as the same as ‘worthless’


What do you think?

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Written by Rex Trulove

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  1. I don’t think something that is free is worthless, especially when it comes to dogs! We are going to try and give away a piano and a heavy desk for free…I wonder if we should charge $50 each to get rid of them faster? lol


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