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Do You Know How To Read Cosmetics Labels? – Sharing Is Caring

Here’s another post for my challenge Sharing Is Caring. This challenge is all about sharing useful information and resources. Everybody is welcome to join!

Here a useful site for cosmetics lovers who like to read the labels. The site is called CosDNA and there you can check the safety of the products you are using. You can also check out each ingredient on its own.

What I like about the site is that once you open the ingredient list for a certain product, you can also see what purpose each ingredient serves. What’s more, you can also see whether the ingredient can irritate your skin, or whether it can cause acne.

The database with products is quite big, but you can also just copy and paste the ingredient list of a product in the Analyze Cosmetics tab, and you’ll see all the information about its ingredients. In my opinion, that’s a very useful site.

Also, check out this poll about cosmetics ingredients.

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Written by ellie925


  1. I worked in a dye laboratory a long time ago and a lot of cosmetics that look a million dollars are just dishwashing liquid and dye. Dyes do amazing things to the appearance of the product. A lot of rubbish is advertised.
    Yes, it pays to know what you are buying

      • At the time I was about 18 years old and now Im 63. Now the dye laboratory was Buckley & Young that imported dyes from Switzerland. It was real quality dyes and I learned a lot about colours from this job.
        Now this particular shampoo was going to become on the market and this was a request from that shampoo company.
        A lot was emphasised on the herbal essences of this shampoo. Which was maybe 1 drop if any in the detergent they use.
        Many commercial shampoos are responsible for bad scalp conditions.
        No regulations have been enforced and a lot advertised is not correct.
        The ingredients were there but not put on the labels but not in the right way.
        Advertising has a lot to answer for!

        • Unfortunately that’s true, I can’t believe how many companies are still doing things like that. I have had problems with bio and organic products too, it’s really difficult to find the right product.

  2. Thank you for this, Ellie. I have Alpha-gal syndrome, which makes me allergic to animal products. Knowing what is in the products before I use them could save my life!