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3 Natural Beauty Products You Should Be Careful About

Using natural skin care and beauty products is very important. Probably you have heard the saying “If you can’t eat it, don’t put it on your skin.” However, not everything you would eat belongs on your skin or particularly on your face.

Here are 3 types of healthy foods you should be careful about when putting on your face, especially if you have dry, sensitive, or blackhead-prone skin.

#1 Turmeric

Turmeric is very healthy for your skin because it is rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. It has been used by Indian women for centuries, and the custom of cleaning the bride’s body with a homemade peeling mask based on turmeric is still an important part of the wedding preparation. However, if you have pale skin, you should be really careful with this mask because it can make your skin yellowish. If you still insist on trying a turmeric mask, give yourself a few days at home to be able to wash it off completely.

#2 Kiwi Fruit, Lemon Or Strawberry Masks

When you browse the beauty sites, you can find tons of masks based on kiwi, lemon or strawberry that work wonders against blackheads. These fruits are rich in vitamin C, which is great for oily skin and excessive sebum, but if your skin is dry, be careful with them. You shouldn’t keep them on your skin for a long time. You can also mix them with honey, which won’t let them burn the sensitive skin on your face.

#3 Oils

People swear by carrier oils, but many of them (like coconut oil or even coconut cream, cocoa butter and wheat germ oil) have a high comedogenic rating. If you are someone whose pores are easily clogged, you should be careful about the oils you choose.

Instead, you can use coconut cream and cocoa butter to make healthy and delicious white chocolate at home. This chocolate is also suitable for dairy-free, vegan and paleo diet.


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