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I’m fond of using organic and natural skincare and I stay away from those containing harmful chemicals. There are some skincare products that are highly effective but contain mercury. Who would want to apply that to their skin?

It’s only recently that I’ve started using an eye cream as I noticed that my under eye wrinkles are getting more noticeable as the days go by. I ordered this organic eye cream online and was surprised to see black pepper in it. I told myself, it must be there for a reason. Every time I apply that eye cream I have this tingling and cooling sensation coming from the black pepper and it’s really quite strange but I continued using it.

So I checked the benefits of black pepper to the skin and then I learned. It helps with the wrinkles! So know I know. It has only been a week that I’ve been using that eye cream and I will continue till I see significant changes.


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    • Harmful chemicals are dangerous not only for the skin but for our overall health. It’s even more dangerous when it’s applied on the skin than ingested. The moment it’s applied on the skin, it enters our organs with no filter. But ingesting it, we still have kidneys to filter the bad stuff.

      So when it comes to skin care, I prefer natural ones.

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