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Do you have the courage to stand against ……?

Facing our fears is one of the greatest things we can do to improve our lives. If we know that fears are the thing that stops us, why do not we ask ourselves the following question: “What is the worst thing if this fear becomes a reality?” We will be surprised that in many cases the consequences of our fears are extremely small and how much easier than we have imagined we can learn to live with the results of our bigger fears.

The reason why the comfort zone is so comfortable is that this is where we know what to expect. In her, surprises are usually reduced to zero. Why go out and take risks? In the end, we may fail, right? What if we win something?

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  • Do you have the courage to get into the arena?

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    • No


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  1. I was watching another form of bull entertainment in Spain only yesterday. They were encouraging a bull to push them standing near a sea pool and whenever the bull fell in the water they will manage to take him out and the game would go on.

  2. I’ve been watching bullfighting live … it’s really a real heroes … there’s no money to get into the arena with a bull … a deadly death

  3. Each one of us has his own fears. Someone confronts them, and somebody suppresses them. I try to tell my family what is frightening to me. We talk, and we try to turn all of this in a positive direction. We had a hards days , but we struggled to overcome them.

      • I think it’s far better to show everything that our frightens people to help us overcome. We need, of course, to fight for ourselves, but I think my husband, or children should know what is bothering me, and understand me better.