Do You Believe Everything You Read?

I firmly believe that people are basically good. But that doesn’t mean that everyone is good, or that everyone has your best interests at heart… Especially where the internet is concerned. It’s just too easy, particularly in today’s highly connected and information-rich world, to spread as fact, various forms of misinformation. 

We see evidence of it 24/7 and it’s not looking like it will let up sometime soon. Misleading advertisement is only one blatant example of this sick scourge. It is by no means an unknown phenomenon, because, in reality, misleading ads pre-date the internet by several decades, if not hundreds, of years. 

It’s only that modern technology frequently makes it so hard to distinguish snake oil from valuable and effective medication unless we’re very careful. The internet can provide us with a plethora of rich information to help us separate-inflated claims from the facts. So, also, can it provide us with even more misinformation? 

I’ve heard this statement bandied about: “It’s on the internet so it must be true” Yet, despite hearing it, it’s also a statement that informed people laugh at because it’s so blatantly wrong, it’s laughable, I mean, Just because something is on the internet has absolutely no bearing on its accuracy. Yet, despite this, we see hundreds of thousands of people act as if the Internet is a wholly accurate source of information, and completely believe random and misleading statements from vague sources with a less-than-altruistic agenda. This song is VERY real to me


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  1. my dad always said trust but verify.

    I always tell people this – the internet is a vast ocean. It covers the world but is no more than 5 inches deep.

    then I tell them, you on the other hand are standing on a 50-foot platform, and you have to dive headfirst.

    will you?

  2. Over the weekend, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette newspaper posted pictures of damage after a Kenny Chesney concert from last summer claiming that they were pictures of rioters protesting in the city of Pittsburgh.

  3. I believe papers and magazines will print what they think people want to hear whether it is true or not. I would say that the person they are talking about knows what is right and what is not.

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