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“Do not feel too bad about giving up” Girl by Jamaica Kincaid.

Contingent upon the fact the tale “Girl” by Jamaica Kincaid shows how women are treated, one is about to explain the sentence: “Don´t feel too bad about giving up”.

Unlike men, women are obliged to behave in a way that allows society to feel secure. Indeed, being a woman means thereby some patterns that under no circumstances a woman should break. Consequently, a woman cannot express herself let alone follow her dreams as men do. This is what the sentence “Do not feel too bad about giving up” does mean.

Insofar as women should be acceptable and controlled they have to give more importance to maintain the current state of things than doing what they want to become (”Do not feel too bad about giving up”). For instance, a woman who wants to be a doctor should not feel bad if a gentleman wants to marry her and create a family inasmuch as creating a family is far more acceptable than pursuing her career, hence is she has to abandon her studies in order to create a family she does not have to feel bad about it. This renounce and self-sacrifice must be normal for a woman because it is what is expected from women in our society. In short, women belong to being at home.

There being no final remarks, this is what I can convey with regards to the story and the sentence aforementioned in the first paragraph.

WARNING: This is a piece of writing for my University degree. The Subject is: “Genre in English speaking countries”. What do you think???

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  1. Every Woman is a Little Child …
    She likes to be childish sometimes.
    He wants the man to care for her with his most gentle caresses,
    Such as he would show to his child.
    Therefore, the man should touch her gently and carefully
    And in no way be careful not to hurt her.
    But despite her childhood, every woman wants it
    To be taken into account and to be heard.
    Therefore, allow the woman to have a childhood,
    But never take her as a child …
    Do you agree with the table I wrote you.

  2. It is one of those controversial topics because women should also be allowed to do what men do and they should not give up the careers if they don’t intend to get married.
    You’ll get a good score since you’ve described your view pertaining to that sentence.

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