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Deodorant or Antiperspirant?

Sweat is your body’s natural reaction to freshening it, and for many, it can be a headache. But while sweat-producing glands are usually viewed as negative, the reality is that they have an important function: regulating body temperature and eliminating toxic substances.

Even with a positive function, it is quite common to have to use some product to solve the excess perspiration or bad odor. The best known solutions are deodorant and antiperspirant. But these two products do not have the same function, contrary to what many of us may think.

Deodorants are an antimicrobial, meaning they aim to control the bacteria that cause bad odor. Even if you are perspiring, this product will eliminate any armpit smell. Choose organic deodorants without parabens and aluminum salts.

Antiperspirant has the function of blocking the sweat glands and therefore reducing perspiration and excess sweat. In fact, what antiperspirants do is form a protective layer in the armpit region, temporarily blocking the pores. Although this product is effective, it should not be overused, as it compromises the body’s thermal balance. You should also opt for a product without aluminum salts and without parabens.

I use a natural deodorant without parabens and aluminum salts, but I only use this during summer, during winter is too cold here and I don’t sweat.

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