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Delicious ‘Rapid Chili Bites’ Recipe

Have you ever tasted Rapid Chili Bites , If not then here is the recipe to follow.

Item :

  • White Flour 2.5 Cup
  • Salt 1/2 tea Spoon
  • Carom Seeds ( Ajwain )
  • Ghee 3 meals spoon
  • Water ( According to need)

Flings Item :

  • Pickle meat ( 1 meal spoon )
  • Lemon Extract 1/2 meal spoon
  • Green Coriander ( cutted into pieces ?
  • Big Green pepper  6-8 Piece
  • Egg (Mixed well )
  • Oil ( According to needs )

Method : First of all Mix these three in a pot, White Flour,  Salt , Carom Seeds  and add the ghee in and mix well, then gradually pour water in it, and mix well until it get lightly hard like dough.,then wrap the finished dough in a wet cloth for 15 minutes.

Now in another pot, Put potato, lemon juices, green coriander and mash it well. Then cut the pepper into the middle and fill it from potato mixture and keep it for some time and then the divide the dough in to two parts and make it like flat circle type then with help of cutter, cut it and make layer.

Then put all the mixture into it with lighter water and role it then keep it in refrigerator for 15 minute and then fry it until it get brown.

Now your Rapid Chili bites is ready , eat it and enjoy it . Thank you

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