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Decluttering Meme: It’s too late.

I just saw this meme in a Decluttering Facebook group. I have no idea who the original creator is, so I can’t give the credit to, but I really like this meme and I totally feel it.

Yesterday, my kids were playing with their toys in the living room and I already asked them to clean up at around 4pm, so we could get a slightly cleaner and neater living room before we ended our day. My friend called and came to my home just before 4pm, as she needed my help to print something for her. It was a mess when she and her kids came over.

I always have the feeling, nobody comes and visits when my house is clean, but they always come when my house is in a mess. I guess it’s just because my house is only clean for extremely short period, just as the meme stated… 😀

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