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Organizing paper bags

I was organizing my store room, and found these paper bags. I have been keeping these paper bags since I moved into this house, or perhaps even earlier, which have been nearly 15 years. I didn’t purposely keep them, but once I got them, I just kept them inside my store room. I did use them whenever I needed, but still there are so many of them sitting in my store room.

They have taken up quite much space in my store room, and I am now thinking how to make good use of them, or perhaps I will just have to get rid of most of them.

How do you organize your paper bags, if you have any?


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  • Do you have lots of paper bags at home?

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  • Do you just throw or recycle them when you get the paper bag?

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  1. in the US the push is for reusable grocery bags that you take with you to the store. They actually charge you for plastic or paper bags you get at the store now!

    That said, back in the day we used them for many projects. Love your idea!

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