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Decluttering Focus for the Week: Living Room

There is an online decluttering workshop hosted by Happy Organized Life going on, which was just started on 1 September. I decided to join the decluttering bandwagon as I have always wanted to work on this area – decluttering & organizing.

We are asked to pick a space or room to focus on decluttering and organizing for the week. I always choose the living room to be the first space to clean and declutter, as this is the where our family, especially the kids spend the most time in a day. It’s where we are having our meals and homeschooling lessons. It’s the biggest area in our home, and I guess that’s why my kids like to have most of their activities here too, including toys playing, reading, drawing, etc. Of course, it would also be nice if someone visits us, and they at least get a clean and neat space to sit and chat with us.

I have divided several sections of the living room, and I am going to work on each of them everyday. We will start the decluttering process at 4pm everyday, that’s our usual clean up time but I make it half an hour earlier.

I am going to share this plan with my kids, so we can work this out together.

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    • I used to think once we have decluttered, then it’ll be cleared and we won’t need to spend time decluttering anymore. Decluttering is actually a continuous process that we need to do consistently (unless our home is empty). 😀

    • That’s a good idea! I have been finding where to send those stuff for donation, as I have read that some of the stuff actually ended up throwing away. I would like those usable stuff be sent to those who can still make good use of them. Recently I have found a donation box near my house, hopefully those people will make good use of the donated stuff.