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Crocheted doll dress ~ Creative Challenge

My kids have been asking me to make more clothes for the dolls, I finally made one for this doll. I knitted this doll several years ago. The height of the doll is 8 inches, and I usually find the clothes pattern for 18″ dolls. So, I just followed some patterns and simply modified to fit this doll. This is the first time I didn’t follow a pattern. Though I think it looks a bit weird, I am glad my kids like it. They must be very happy I have finally made a dress for the doll after quite a long time.


Picture credit: @kaka135

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  1. I had a little crochet doll my mom made for me and a polyester feelings one named Witchy-Poo. I still have them around here somewhere πŸ™‚

    • Thanks! I used to think I can’t do any handwork when I was young. I am grateful that I took the step to learn a few years ago, because I wanted to make these toys for my kids. πŸ˜€