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Coronavirus: why is it so difficult to stop touching the face?

It is one of the most common habits of the human being and also one that goes unnoticed – however, the gesture that is not so innocent can be harmful when outbreaks of diseases occur. The habit of touching the face without realizing it can inadvertently contribute to the spread of contagious pathologies like the new coronavirus.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), this ‘touch’ is dangerous.Guidelines to avoid contamination of the new coronavirus usually underscore the importance of keeping hands away from this part of the body, even when washed.

Why can’t we stop touching our face?Scientists point out that this is an evolutionary issue that affects all primates.While most species touch this area in order to maintain a good appearance or to try to get rid of insects, human beings, in particular, have other reasons, like seduction or it can be a way of controlling emotions and our attention span.

The best thing people can do is wash their hands more often, rather than touching the face less often.

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