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Coping with your clock’s demands

Daylight saving time is good for many but what if you forget to adjust your clock or you forget it is too early to get to work?

My niece who is a resident of New Jersey accompanied me on that Canada trip and took me to a flower show  The gates were closed and the watchman reminded her that it is still an hour away for the show to open.  She had forgotten to adjust her watch.  Do not blame me. We do not have such crazy things here in India

You too must have goofed up  Would love to hear those stories.

  • Do you goof up when the clock decides to save time?

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  1. There was a clock in my old house I never changed. Sometimes I added an hour and later the clock would be right again for a while. … Right now I have a car clock that I subtract 5 hours from to estimate the time.

      • The way people remember how it goes here is by saying, “spring forward, fall back” all the time. It goes forward one hour in spring, etc…
        It is boring and while the reason really has to do with financial markets in New York everyone thinks it’s for farmers. The thing is farmers don’t really care what time you want to call it. They start work when the sun comes up.

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