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Color Crazy Challenge – An old passion of mine!

Looking for something that would contain pastel colors, I remembered an old passion of mine. A passion that I gave up when I discovered a new passion, photography.

After I retired, it was very difficult for me to adjust to the new status. From an active person I suddenly woke up that I had nothing to spend my time with. I felt totally useless (Have you ever felt that?). I almost got depressed.That’s how I started spending my time making kanzashi. I haven’t left the house in half a year. I worked nonstop kanzashi. Hundreds of flowers, now hidden somewhere in a closet. I still have the blog where I have published some of my work. If you are curious click here. 🙂

Then thank God, Maya and a camera came into my life, and all changed completely!

I hope you like these pansies I made 7 years ago!

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Written by Ileana Calotescu



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  1. And by the way, many of your views are real. I know a sewing group picked it up and put it in a share group that has least 600 members. I am all thumbs, and they are making some kind of quilts or something with these on them. I should go find their link for you to look at.

  2. I need to look up how to do these. They would be fabulous dog bows! I really like them. Glad you adjusted to home life, before now, right? Imagine if this virus would of happened then. You are very talented in so many ways!


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