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Cacophony of mourners

We never expected that our flourishing yielding cashew tree would suddenly die.  It may not have been sudden because we did not notice the white ants that were eating its roots.  It was too late.  I had tears in my eyes to see the leaves drop and within a couple of days it was bare with no leaves.

It was a tree that was a haven for birds and squirrels. Countless birds and squirrels flocked there and enjoyed its coolness.

They were seen on the bare tree and chirping perhaps mourning its death.  Their chirps had some kind of shock.   You can watch it here

I  recorded the entire process of our dear tree dying and uploaded it on youtube. For us it was almost like losing a member of the family

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  1. I am so sorry to hear about your tree. It is very sad to lose a tree and one so large and long lived that gives such nice fruit.
    I lean toward Druid beliefs that trees are creatures – great and magical.
    I lost tree that had white peaches because of gophers.
    I’m so sorry Grace.


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