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Brendel Says ~ Don't Worry Be Happy ~ Just for Fun

After sharing the Dude just now, I felt bad not sharing Brendel. After all, she is the queen of the house.

And she is chilling with a reminder for all of us…. Don’t Worry Be Happy

Whatever is going on in our lives and in the world right now will eventually get better.

In the meantime we have to stay calm and relaxed. Animals and  nature help me do just that.

And the music of Bob Marley helps as well.

Sharing his classic video especially for the Just for Fun Challenge…

Photo ©CarolDM

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Written by Carol DM


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  1. “Don’t gain the world and lose your soul; wisdom is better than silver or gold.”

    Bob Marley, (1945 to 1981).

    Perhaps, your cat knows this quote of Bob’s too.

    Yes, our pets are wiser than us sometimes. An animal has a soul too, I reckon.


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