Even more caterpillar designs – WIP

While I know that many of you don’t care for the Gigerpillar, I am committed to that treatment so it is going to happen. On the other hand, you’ve been nice about it so I’ve decided to throw in an old design you can enjoy before I drop the darkness on you

#1 current design

Okay, so here is the current state of my gigerpillar. I might put the horns back in and I might not but this is pretty much the look and feel I will be using for the final

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#2 wonderland themed go poster

Here is a rejected poster concept for last year's go tourney. I know a guy who knows the guy who runs it, and that's how I got to do the poster

This is an unfinished piece that was passed up in favor of a more oriental theme

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#3 omake

This is just totally overboard, but it is fun so I just threw it in as omake. Now that I think of it, I might want to try another tweak that could produce some nice results

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What do you think?

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  1. All great artworks, but the second is just too much (maybe)… The colored posted is great, but Alice is just somehow not fitting there…, maybe too modern…, also her face is not visible in total which would also be good..

      • Maybe it is something about the story you are trying to say this way…?
        Anyway, you can just set up her hair a little differently, it is something about the ratio between her face and hair that is not defined well, and I don’t understand “the story” because other items/parts of the artwork are also not connected well to each other

          • And when did I say they don’t…? You, unfortunately, again misunderstood the point… You did this with no implication they have relations at all, it is not about what you said it is about the way you did it. But like you previously said, it is not important…..

          • My opinion is that her face should be a little more visible, at least it maybe should a different part that is visible, something is missing in this one, and you do it that way you want to

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