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Blame Coronavirus for Low Virily Value

As usual, Virily updated and paid users who had reached the withdrawal threshold. However, we have noted the value of virils have reduced tremendously if not a little bit.

This is a bit depressing when you consider viril limits that have been enforced pertaining to the maximum virils a user can earn as detailed by some users.

Why should we blame coronavirus? We should blame it because of uncertainty among the companies that are advertising their products and/or services. Thus, the rate of advertising has reduced signifying a reduction of earning among the sites that rely on advertisements. 

The stock exchange shares are fluctuating as often as is not the case. Some companies are witnessing low trading of shares with only a few exceptions. 

Many people are at home which is making many companies find it difficult to offer the expected production and supply. The companies won’t likely want to witness a loss. This means they will have to reconsider their advertising rate with advertising companies such as Google and Amazon.

As long as coronavirus is causing havoc, we will be witnessing low earning rate. The decrease in advertising rate began in December 2019. It has picked up in late February because many of the companies that are advertising their products and/or services are from the United States.

Hopefully, in six months’ time this pandemic will not be a menace. But if the number of infections keep on rising, the value will keep on depreciating.

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  1. views are down.
    we are not drawing external users.

    But i will bet my paycheck that the reality is no ads, less revenue for Virily. The split was always of the revenue when that goes down the value of a viril goes down.

    it is simple math.

    • It is partly to be blamed for the reduction in rates of ads. This is by observing and reading articles from experts how coronavirus is affecting online ads. It is being experienced in many sites. With Virily as you have indicated, COVID isn’t the major problem.

    • That is true, Norman. There are far bigger problems to be concerned about. However, some supplement their income by participating in the community and others are freelance writers. So much is happening very fast.


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