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Black and White Friday

While looking through my pictures I found a subject that I love birds and trees. The Casuarina trees are  a perfect back ground for birds. The word Casuarina is derived from Malay word kasuari , alluding to the leaves that look like fine feathers. Casurina are evergreen trees. Their leaves/spikes have a bluish tinge to them.

This picture was taken on one of our road trips. We were staying in a forest resort. A little before sunrise the birds were chirping happily on the trees. They were all in pairs which is not something I usually see. It was hazy, cold morning and it seemed like a happy invitation from the birds to the Sun to come and take his place up in the sky so  they could go about their daily business.

As they Sun rose they went about their different ways pecking on wild fruits that was there all over the place, chirping happily. I usually listen to the birds closing my eyes and trying to shut out the world. They seem to be the happiest creatures on the earth, maybe only next to the butterflies.

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