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Benefits ~ Nature Tuesday

Whether you agree with me or not, I think my participation in various challenges in Virily has provided various benefits. At least, the various challenges that have managed to pull me out of my comfort zone or out of focus are only on what I am interested in.

If lately I contribute to a variety of weekly or thematic challenges that are basically photography-based, all those challenges have made me more active in finding various photo objects, capturing the most unique or most beautiful moments, also challenging me to think or look for writing material as a companion from the photos are interesting to post. Indeed I liked photography but actually I was more interested in painting, and actually the percentage of my posts with the basis of photographic images as far beyond my paintings.

Apart from my main interest in esoteric matters, spirituality, mysticism, Sufism, or philosophy, sometimes I feel curious about what I find outside, like creatures or plants that I have never seen before.

Something like that also happened when I found this plant, which I had actually seen before, although it was rare, I did not know its name. I have tried to find out from some people I know who are quite close to nature or also through searching on the internet but I still have not managed to find the name and other things about this plant.

This plant is a small plant with softwood trunk which is about 60 centimeters tall. The fruit looks very attractive bright red with a size of less than one centimeter.

This kind of curiosity is what I describe as other benefits of various challenges in Virily that continue to “force” me to learn and find out about something. And that is very fun!

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    Have you ever seen this plant?

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    Do you feel that you get certain benefits from your participation in various challenges in Virily?

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  1. I fully support everyone joining challenges! It is fun seeing Virily change colors every week!

    Comfort is an interesting thing, there is more to unpack from that bag that I have time to answer in a comment.

    suffice it to say, for me blogging is a connection, mostly to the past and to technology. I have to start a family history challenge eventually!

  2. I think I lied on the first question. We do have here in North America a same type looking bud and red berry. The name of our type of plant escapes me for now but I am pretty sure it is not the same as yours because ours starts only in mid summer till early fall. As for the challenges, I have not participated in any because my photographic skills are nil and we still have a large amount of snow so no buds coming out as of now. But these challenges give me the opportunity to admire, learn and comment so there are a little more virils in my account (whoopy). If ever you learn the name of this cute bright red fruit?, please drop us a line…

    • I am quite happy to know that there are friends in other parts of the world who have ever seen this plant too, dear friend.
      I think, if you want to participate in the challenge here, photography skills are not a problem because generally we are all here amateur photographers. And yes, I have also learned a lot from all the challenges here.
      I will continue to find out about this plant, and hopefully I will find the answer.

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