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An original 30 plus years old oil painting still looking fresh. This painting appeared to have been done by the female owner of the house.  as the explorers had found a typed letter discussing the painting of a future similar art piece for her daughter. Our explorers found that the name and initials of the house-owner match several other signatures found on the oil-paintings throughout the house.

There have been several enquiries about the location of these abandoned places but there is a universal rule between the legitimate explorers and their decision to protect locations, which is, that they will leave natural decay to continue. Only where natural decay, occurs, will they allow nature to do its work, unfettered. But suppose there is an open window, exposing valuable items to the elements, only then, will most of them close the window, or when a hole in the roof is dripping on similar precious items, will they push the object away if able.  Explorers all keep these special sites secret in virtual anonymity to keep out graffiti fiends who are hellbent on destroying anything in site.

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  1. It truly is a beautiful picture and like so many others from the past, made to last. Its the same with photos. I have black and white photos that my parents took 60 years ago that still look good but some of the more recent pics are fading already.