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Abandoned Millionaire's Castle

They’re just some Belgian University students calling themselves Explomo as in “Explore More” and they visit amazing sites abandoned by the owners. Sometimes the buildings are decimated by graphitites, (people who scribble on other people’s precious artifacts) 

These modern explorers are quite unlike archaeologists of old, who basically stole artifacts, these people leave only their footprints and allow nature to decay and reclaim her territory. These days, in order to keep the hundreds of sites as pristine as possible they vet one another prior to divulging location information. Although they have started this preservation system, it is already paying off and some incredible photos have surfaced. They are fully dependent on donations and their link can be found on YouTube in the description of this video.

Being the first explorers in an abandoned place is always very special, but to find a MacBook inside of a deserted place was the last thing they expected.

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* Image taken from the video: HERE

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