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Alphabet Crazy: Animal Alphabet Challenge

I am sorry that I am still posting alphabet A now, as I just came across this, and I think it’s also nice to just write about it.

I was reading a picture book, Animal Alphabet yesterday. When I went back to the bedroom, my two bigger kids were playing the “Animal Alphabets Challenge” – Each of them takes turn to say the name of an animal, starts from A. It reminded me that about 4 years ago, I crocheted these animal finger puppets for my daughter as her birthday gift. I think it’s a fun game for the kids and even me to play, and it helps us to build our English vocabularies as well.

I am going to start finding more animals and write about them soon.

What is your favorite animal?

Picture credit: @kaka135 (I didn’t manage to take all photos of my crocheted animal alphabet set and some of them have gone lost. :D)

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    • Thanks! Good to get the “approval” from the challenge starter. πŸ˜€
      Though I was late, I just have so much fun working on this challenge, so I just do it anyway. Thanks for starting this challenge!