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Alphabet Crazy: Alphabets

I know I am late to this challenge, but I found it fun and decide to still join the challenge and hopefully I will catch up with the rest very soon.

I am currently teaching my daughter alphabets this year as she is grade one. I understand to some people, it’s late to learn alphabets at age 7, according to Waldorf Education, this is the right time to teach academy. Even though my daughter has already known how to write the letters, I am still teaching her the alphabets via telling her fairy tales, drawing and writing, like how we did in our letter M lesson book. We are going to have more activities with the alphabets when I have taught her all the alphabets.

Now I am busy preparing the drawings and activities for teaching the alphabets, hence when I think about the A for this challenge, these alphabet lessons just popped up in my mind.

I also like to doodle the alphabets as the picture shown. It’s fun!

Image credit: Pixabay

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